Introducing the Alphabet to your child


Trying to teach your child the alphabet? Here's something which maybe useful for you:


1. Teach with visual aids such as alphabet toys or picture books

The first step in teaching the alphabet is getting your child interested. This can sometimes be the most difficult thing to do. With using things such as alphabet picture books, blocks or flash cards, kids can learn while they play. Try products such as our Sesame Street ABC Desk,


2. Use real life objects

"N for nappy", "P for papa" - each time you communicate with your baby, try to call out the alphabet. Your child will remember the alphabet by linking to an object.


3. Learn from sound and music

What can be better than singing the ABC song? Some children learn a lot quicker by remembering music lyrics, rhyme or sound.


Don't forget, every child is different and do not learn at the same rate. Try each method above and see which one your little one enjoy the most.

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