Mummy’s challenge - Getting kids to sleep

Having trouble getting your child to sleep? You are not alone. Many parents go through the struggle of getting their child to sleep – yes, it is challenging. Some kids are more active at night, energetic all day, or simply they don’t like to sleep. For The Little Ones team have come up with a list of some useful ways to get your child to sleep:


Meal Time

What time do you feed your child? Is it too late? When kid’s tummy is too full, they struggle to fall asleep. Try to have dinner around 2 hours before the sleeping time. If your child starts asking for food before the bed time, feed them some light food (e.g. fruit) or even just a cup of warm milk. Make sure you don’t give them too much drink as they will wake up for toilet at night and you will need to get them to bed again.



How would you feel if someone gives you a nice pampering before bed? You’ll feel relaxed, comfortable and eventually want to fall asleep. Well, same goes for kids! Give them rubs on tummy or their back or stretch their legs.


Warm up feet

Having cold feet can prevent kids from sleep so wear them warm socks or pyjama with feet cover. Make sure the socks are loose as tightening the feet can cause bad blood circulation making their feet cold!


No TV or Computer Monitors!

Stick with the traditional “picture books” and not gadgets like iPad or mobile phones to get your kids to sleep. The lights from these computer monitors can stimulate the senses causing kids to stay awake.

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