House Dust Mites and Children

Dust mites is one of the common causes of children's allergies. Here are few tips to reduce dust mite allergies.


1. Clean sheets, blankets and pillow

Dust mites feed on human skin. Believe it or not, while you are asleep (and rolling around) your skin and hair fall onto your bedding. Try to wash your bed sheet, blanket and pillow covers once a week with warm wash and dry under strong sun light.


2. Sun bath

Dust mites can be killed with heat so get your pillow, blanket and mattress out in the sun. Although dust mites will die, the cause of allergen remain so try vacuuming to get rid of them.


3. Vacuum the room

Vacuum the room frequently to keep the room clean. Use wet cloth to wipe off the dust on your furniture.


4. Blinds instead of curtains

Blinds can be wiped and cleaned easier than curtains.  Curtains can also be a place where dust mites live


5. No warm/humid room

Dust mites love warm room with high humidity. Try using dehumidifier or open the bedroom window to change the air frequently.


6. Tiles or floorboards than carpet floor

If you can avoid room with carpet floor. Carpet is a perfect place for dust mites to reside.

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