Dry skin in baby and children. How to cure?


The dry skin is very common in baby and children, especially in winter. Their skin is very delicate and more younger the baby, the easier to get skin problems.


So what causes dry skin? There are many reasons that can cause dry skin:

  • Cold/dry air. This can be due to use of indoor heaters. Try to open window/door a bit to get some fresh air and humidity. Wet towel can also help.
  • Skin irritation from cream/moisturiser. This varies from child to child. You can try purchasing another brand or ask your doctor/skin specialist for more info
  • Soap - soaps can make skin dry (even adult's skin!). Try getting soap-free body wash which is available in major supermarkets or chemists
  • Bath - having a long bath/shower can make baby and children's skin dry as it removes skin oil. Try to reduce the time and see whether it helps
  • Dehydration - if the body doesn't have enough fluids, the skin will obviously get dried. If it's a baby, the baby needs to take breast milk or formula - consult with doctor for more info.

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