Children and Soft Drink

When For The Little Ones team went out for lunch one sunny Monday, we saw parents feeding soft drinks to their little ones - A bit of shock and surprise! So for better health for our children, our team have put together a list of points that we wish all our readers remember about “children and soft drink”.


Excessive Sugar

Soft drink = Sugar. It’s not wrong to think in this way as a can of coke contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar. I can’t imagine putting 10 teaspoons of sugar in my coffee!


Tooth Decay

Drinking soft drinks is a major cause of tooth decay. Acids and acidic sugar found in soft drinks soften tooth surface and contributes to problem of cavities. One important point we want to mention is that brushing your teeth straight after drinking soft drink can cause more harm. Wait for 10-15mins before brushing to allow teeth surface to settle.


Bone Health

Most soft drinks contain phosphoric acid which can cause the bones to weaken. Caffeine contained in the soft drinks can also interfere with calcium absorption.


Small Appetite

Drinking soft drinks can make some children feel full, making them less hungry for food.


Weight Gain

Consuming soft drinks in large amounts may contribute to excessive weight gain.


Skin irritation

Due to excessive amount of sugar intake, children’s skin can become very dry – causing irritated or itchy skin. This gets really bad in cold weather (winter is the worst time…). Apply skin moisturiser of feed child some water to flush out of their body.


There you go parents. Same as adults, children can get addicted to the sweet and bubbly sensation of soft drink. For child’s health, encourage them to drink water instead of soft drink. Let’s be a role model and avoid drinking soft drink in front of your child.

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