How to prevent Plagiocephaly – Baby flat head syndrome

How to prevent Plagiocephaly – Baby flat head syndrome

Flat head syndrome, known as Plagiocephaly, is a condition in which baby has a flat spots on their head or mis-shaped head. It is common in new born than older child as new borns have softer skull and muscle tone. In 2010, a case-control study of Neurodevelopment in Deformational Plagiocephaly found 1 in 10 babies are affected by this condition.

What causes Flat Head Syndrome?

The common cause of the flat head syndrome is a baby’s sleeping position. Babies spend many hours sleeping in a single position with continual contact with firm surfaces such as prams, play mats and cot mattresses. This puts pressure on one part of the skull, which causes an area of the head to become flat or mis-shaped.

Plagiocephaly often develops in babies who are “good sleepers”, babies with unusually large sized head, and babies who are born prematurely and have soft muscle tone.

How to prevent Flat Head Syndrome?

The key is to change the baby’s sleeping position. However, babies normally favours one sleeping position so it can be challenging to change their habit. If your baby favours sleeping on the left side, try to position the baby to sleep on the right side. Please be aware of the risk of SIDS while deciding the position of baby’s sleep.

Products such as baby pillow or supporting cushions can also assist in some cases. Our products such as Babymoove Lovenest Pillow provides support to baby’s head so it reduces the pressure onto firm surfaces. The pillow is light, soft and safe.

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